Bhutan (Expoza)


This is from a series of films by Global Television shot all over world, giving well photographed introductions to various places, of which we will be focusing on the ones of interest to Buddhists.

The films are quite light introductions to their subjects, mainly good photography, well chosen soundtracks, and a reasonable, but sometimes inaccurate, narration giving a cultural and historical introduction to its subject.

Today’s subject is the Kingdom of Bhutan, often known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, settled high in the Himalayas between India and Tibet.

The Bhutanese have developed and preserved a rich and unique cultural heritage, which is very distinctive in style, especially in its architecture, with its subtle patterning, and is permeated with the Tibetan Buddhism they espouse.

The film travels all over the small Kingdom looking at its main religious centers, their festivals and also the life of the people, which is still quite undeveloped, starting from Thinphu and passing through Lobeysa, Punakha and Paro, before heading up into the mountains to complete its journey looking at the famous Tiger’s Nest monastery.


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