Kailash Beyond the Possible

Kailash Beyond the Possible

This is a very interesting record of a visit to Tibet and particularly to Mount Kailash by a group of Russian yoga practitioners.

Besides being beautifully shot and well-edited, the film is of interest as it concentrates on the participants, and what they learned and experienced along the way.

These were no small things, as the trip round Kailash is demanding to say the least, and really is enough to test anyone, no matter how fit they are.

The tour begins – and ends – in Kathmandu from where they fly across the Himalayas to Tibet. They travel to see the resurrected living traditions of Tibet in Samye, Ganden and Sera Monasteries, before heading to Lhasa and the sights to be seen there.

Besides the scenes in the monasteries, with their beautiful artwork and sculpting, the group also travels through the immense and impressive landscapes of Tibet on their way to Kailash.

It is however the pilgrimage around Kailash that takes up the main part of the film, and seems to have made the most impression on the participants.

Everywhere along the way we hear the reactions of the people on the trip, and what they understand about their experiences, and at the end there is an attempt to summarise the life changing experiences they have all been through.


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