Economics of Happiness

Economics of Happiness

This is the second of three films I am showing which discuss the lessons we can learn from the globalisation of Ladakh, based on the work of Helena Norbert-Hodge.

This week’s film is something like an update of Ancient Futures, which was shown last week, but is more up-to-date on the one hand (made in 2011), and takes a wider perspective on the other.

The film therefore is not just based on the Ladakhi experience but is broader in scope looking at what globilisation has brought in its wake worldwide, which, in short, is poverty, unemployment and dispossession.

The first half of the film looks at how unfair subsidies have been used to favour mutli-nationals and undermine local economies, and the destructive effect that has had, not only on the economy, but also on culture and morals.

The second offers a realistic alternative: re-localisation, with an emphasis on local production benefiting and sustaining the local culture.

It may seem like only a dream of a few activists, but in fact there are already quite a lot of initiatives already under way to achieve just this.

The film was made by International Society for Ecology and Culture, and more information on their work can be found on their website Local Futures.


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