Bon, The Light of the Golden Sun

Bön, The Light of the Golden Sun

Only very rarely do we find a documentary about the Bön religion, which has existed on the edge of orthodox Tibetan religious life for a thousand years.

Despite the claims made in this film it appears the religion first started appearing around the 11th century, and has been largely at odds with mainstream Tibetan Buddhism, although it resembles it in so many ways.

This film, however, covers the period from the suppression of religion during the communist takeover in 1957, and seeks to explain something of Bön history and culture.

It then shows how Bön spread to the west, and how it is manifesting in a very different environment, and the adjustments that have been made in order to keep it relevant.

The film centres around the work of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, who first successfully implanted the Bön religion in a western environment, and has seen to its expansion in America and Europe.

The film is well-made and includes footage of some of the great Bön masters, and interviews with others, besides giving an overview of its position in Tibetan society today.


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