Bright and Shining Mind in a Disabled Body


A remarkable true life story of Khun Kampol Thongbunnum, a Thai man, whose life had been turned upside down by an accident that left him paralysed from the neck downwards.

In his search to come to terms with his predicament, he discovered the path in Buddhism, and this finally led to the transformation of his life.

Khun Kampol was an ordinary young man, with dreams of a family life, just starting a career in teaching physical education, when an accident at a swimming pool left him paralysed from the neck down.

At first it all seemed like a nightmare that he would be able to wake up from, but when he didn’t wake, he fell into depression, and only at that time did he start really looking into the deeper things in life.

He began a correspondence with Luangpor Suvaṇṇo, a direct disciple of Luangpor Teean, who had been teaching Mahāsati or Dynamic Meditation, and eventually Luangpor Suvaṇṇo invited him to his monastery.

Khun Kampol made quick progress in his meditation and is now considered attained. He is also a well-known Dhamma teacher, and a great example for others with disabilities.

Many people take disability as a sign of bad kamma, but the reality is it is what you make of your situation that governs the kamma you are making, and Khun Kampol managed to turn his life round, and bring inspiration to many others in doing so.

a poem by Khun Kampol Thongbunnum:

Most people
Live in suffering
Without knowing
Only when happiness
Gradually fades away
That suffering
Shows its face
Then and there

Not perceiving suffering
One consequently fails
To find the way out
And to get rid of suffering
Once and for all…

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