Collaboration, on the edge of a new paradigm?


This is a documentary by Alfred Birkegaard Hansted who was studying for a doctorate in philosophy in Denmark on the subject of Collaboration.

He decided to travel to the Bay Area in San Fransisco, which is where the modern digital technologies were mainly developed to ask people there about his subject.

The film consists of a number of interviews with people who have been working on the cutting edge of digital technology for the past several decades, and their thoughts on how the net leads to ever better collaboration in society.

The film is broken down into ten chapters, looking at the subject from different aspects and shows how old models of learning and working are obsolete given the new technologies available.

One of the problems facing people now are how to develop an actual business model when it is much quicker, much better and much more productive for people, professionals and amateurs, to work together, than it is to lock development up in a professional R&D environment.

This makes such things as copyright and patenting completely obsolete, and a part of the old thinking which instead of advancing society is now serving to cripple its progress and in some cases actually to harm the prospects for the future.

These issues and more are explored in the film, which is very well put together with good questions producing thoughtful interviews, and enough balance between imagery and speech to take it all in. All in all one of the better films I have seen of the emerging technologies and their impact on society.


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