Xuan Zang Memorial Centre, Nalanda

Xuan Zang Memorial Centre

These are two related films about the Xuan Zang Memorial Centre in Nalanda in India, which was built in cooperation between China and India and finally opened in 2007.

The film focuses on the history and background to the making of the centre and then to its historic opening, when dignitories andf monastics from the two countries came together for the opening.

The project was begun in the 50s, but lack of funding and disrupted relations between the countries stopped it’s further progress for a long time.

Now with the proper funding of the Nava Nalanda Mahavihara University, and improved relations, the work was taken up again, and with the cooperation of both Indian and Chinese artists has been completed.

These films look at the importance of Xuan Zang, and his records, his contributions to Buddhist and historical literature and to the new beginning in Chinese-Inidan relations which this work signified.



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