The Cross and the Bodhi Tree


This is a very interesting film about two committed ordained Christians and their thoughts following close encounters with Buddhism and Buddhist practitioners.

The two are living, in many ways, worlds apart: Fr François Ponchaud is a French Catholic priest who was sent to Cambodia in 1965, quickly learned the language well enough to translate the Bible into Khmer, and wrote Year Zero, one of the definitive histories of the Khmer Rouge.

The second is Mother Rosemary, an Anglican nun living in England, but close to Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, whose monastics made contact and became good friends. She also did a retreat at Amaravati to find out more about Buddhist meditation methods and beliefs, in the hope of stabilising her own prayer life.

Both of them remain completely committed to the Christian life, but are very generous both about Buddhism and Buddhists, noting that they often embody the ideals they seek for as Christians.

They are both also very intelligent and articulate about their beliefs and experiences, and well worth listening to as they confront the difficult questions they have had to face, and the answers they have come up with.

It would be a great step forward if people of all religions could learn to listen as well as these two have, and try to understand a different point of view from their own.



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1 comment to The Cross and the Bodhi Tree

  • Thank you for share.
    The importance of the spiritual contact and the same way of vibrational energy that makes this connection happens by meditation or praying with the Divine Supreme Power showed in the film meaning that we are all connected.
    I believe that in the near future, we can create a union with both and let the faith vibe to everyone, to make the human being understand the power of get time and effort to be connected with the Supreme, for more respect by itself and everything.
    Namaste, Axé, Amem, Syn!

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