The Amaravati Mahacetiya


After the decline of the Aśokan Mauryan Dynasty in India, the Satavahana Dynasty arose in the Andhra regions of southern India, and it was there at Amaravati (a.k.a. Dhanyakataka and Dharanikota) that the Mahācetiya, or Great Stūpa was built, which was one of the great archeological marvels of Buddhist India.

What remains at the site is only really a stump of the Chetiya itself, a 1/10 size model of it and an archeological museum which contains some of the remains from the site. Unfortunately many of the reliefs were removed to various museums around the world, and are now scattered abroad.

This short film looks at the Great Chetiya and shows some of the fine artwork from its construction, and also gives some background on the civilisation that produced it. Although it is a film made by the Andhra Tourist Department, they have also shown sections of the Chetiya now found abroad, and in other parts of India.


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