Benoy K Behl: Paintings of India 1. Sacred Art

Benoy Behl is one of the great art historians of India, and I have shown his films on Buddhist art on another post; and also his articles on Indian art.

Last year I was fortunate enough to be given six DVDs containing his whole series of 26 films on the subject of the Paintings of India, which was broadcast in 2005, and it took me nearly six months to savour them all.

Now Benoy Behl has made excerpts from the series, and uploaded them to his youtube site, and I have made two playlists of them, which I will embed today and next week.

In the first of the playlists I gathered together the films which look at the subject of Sacred Art in India:

  1. Enchanted Ajanta (the wonderful ancient Buddhist site)
  2. The Glory Unfolds (the devlopment of mural painting)
  3. Crossroads of the World (paintings from Ladakh, Spiti & Kinnaur)
  4. The Verdant Hills (mural painting in the Himalaya)
  5. City of Victory (paintings of the Vijaynagar Empire)
  6. Roots in Sacred Art (religious influence on Indian painting)
  7. The Art of India (an overview)


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