Thailand’s Rehab Temple

Thailand's Rehab Temple

This is a short report about one of a number of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres being run at Buddhist temples in Thailand, this one at Wat Tham Krabok, north of Bangkok.

The programme was begun in the 50s when the government banned opium, which left 1000s of people strung out, and needing to quit the drug.

It has since been modified to cope with heroin, methaphetamine and alcohol addiction, but remains essentially the same, relying on meditation, detoxification and a strictly regulated environment.

The success rate claimed by the temple is very high, but they do not seem to have any real follow up programme, so it is hard to know how accurate that is.

Nevertheless, they are helping people and many will benefit from the programme, and that deserves all of our support.

More can be read about the temple and it’s long and sometimes colourful history on this Wikipedia page.


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