Khru Ba Sriwichai, the Thai Engineer Monk

Khru Ba Sriwichai, the Engineer Monk

This is a very fine film about the life of the legendary northern Thai monk Khru Ba Sriwichai who was operational in the first half of the 20th century in the Lanna districts of Thailand.

Anyone who has been to Chiang Mai will be familiar with Khru Ba Sriwichai, or at least his statues, which are everywhere, and he was an intergral part of Thai Buddhism in the northern areas.

In his time he did restoration work on 160+ temples in northern Thailand, and many other good works, the most famous of which was to build the approach road to the Wat Doi Suthep, which was very hard of access before his work.

The film not only tells the great monk’s story, including his battles with the religious authorities of the time, but also visits many of the temples associated with him, and interviews monks who can help relate his life story.

The film is made on very low resources, but you wouldn’t know it looking at it, and it is much better quality than many I have seen. Well shot, edited and narrated, the film gives insight into Khru Ba Sriwichai’s life and works, and the difficulties he had to overcome throughout.


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