Biomimicry by Janine Benyus


A look at the principles of biomimicry, which looks to see how nature has solved design problems in an efficient and sustainable manner by one of the founders of the discipline.

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Before the Flood

A film looking at the crisis in climate change, how it is affecting communities now, and what is being done to head it off.

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Cowspiracy, the Sustainability Secret

A film that looks at the effects animal husbandry is having on the environment, and why environmentalist groups are ignoring the problem.

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NatGeo’s Inside the Living Body

A look inside the body using modern camera and scanning techniques as it develops from birth to death.

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NatGeo’s Wild Thailand

A look at some of the exceptionally wide variety of wildlife found in Thailand.

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The Tiger and the Monk

A film about the Tiger Temple in Thailand and its abbot, and the interaction between the animals and the monks.

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Cambodia: Forests Water Life

A film about the interconnection between the forest and water systems, specifically as it is affecting development in Cambodia (Khmer, with English subtitles).

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Laos Wonderland

A film about the wild and unexplored riverways and countryside in Laos, and the festivals connected with it.

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Secrets of Angkor

A film looking at the ongoing work on the archaeology of Angkor and the new light it has brought to our understanding of this great civilisation.

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Economics of Happiness

A documentary on how globalisation is adversely affecting local cultures, together with an alternative approach to economics.

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