Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy

Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy

This Discovery film follows a team of scientists led by Prof. Victor Mair as they try to examine a mummy discovered in a remote part of the Himalayas, and find out how his old the body is, and why it is preserved in such good condition.

Prof. Mair travels to Spiti in north India, to one of the regions disputed with China, which has a Tibetan heritage, and where in the 1970s a mummy was unearthed, that eventually was enshrined and worshipped by the local people.

Because of the sensitive area the mummy is housed in, the team of scientists are given only six hours to work with the mummy, and to gather the materials needed to answer these questions, and that after days of travel to reach the isolated spot.

The film in trying to explain the mummy also talks about the Tibetan monastic life, and why the mummy, who was previously a monk, might have self-mummified, and how the mummy has been preserved for so long.

Eventually they are led to Japan where other self-mummifications have taken place to find out how it was accomplished (next week I will show a film which explains about the Japanese mummies in more detail).


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