Man on Cloud Mountain


Harada Roshi is a Rinzai Zen teacher and Abbot of Sogenji in Okayama, Japan. This is an hour long documentary following him on his visit to America in 1991, which was made by Michael Yeager and KnowledgePath Communications.

The programme consists mainly of a set of seamless interviews with the Roshi, some of which are biographical, relating his early aspirations, meeting with his teacher Yamada Mumom Roshi, ordination and time in lone mountains, before returning to carry on the work of his teacher.

In others he speaks about the current alienation facing people all over the planet, the break-down in societal-life and the root causes of the consequent violence that has spawned; and again he gives practical advice on Zen meditation practice, including the value of bowing, chanting and other practices.

The interviews are set over film of the Sesshin he was conducting at Cloud Mountain monastery in Washington state, where he had been teaching since 1989.

We also see Roshi engaged in (but not teaching) Qi Gong, giving instructions in the Zendo and taking his meals. Altogether the documentary makes up a very interesting and informative hour about this great Zen teacher.


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Harada Roshi


Yamada Mumom Roshi


Harada Roshi


Harada Roshi in the Zendo


Harada Roshi doing Qi Gong


Harada Roshi


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