Sashimono Woodwork in Japan

Sashimono Woodwork

Last week I showed a film about traditional Japanese woodword, Building Without Nails, as it is being continued by artisans now working in New York.

This week I have a documentary on the same subject made by NHK as part of its BEGIN Japanology series, which covers all aspects of the craft as it is still practiced in Japan itself.

We see the work not only of master craftsmen, and the techniques they employ, but we also see how the wood is selected and prepared prior to the master working on it.

There is some history in the film, and once again mention is made of the temples which almost certainly introduced the art from China, and of such iconic activities as the tea ceremony.

I found this a really inspiring film that shows that the arts and crafts of long ago are still alive and well in Japan itself, and that they embody the very best of the Japanese aesthetic.


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