Buddha in Suburbia

Buddha in Suburbia

This is a wonderful film about a truly humble and sincere Tibetan lama, who is one of the most important reincarnate tulkus in the tradition, though one would hardly gather it from his quiet demeanour, the 11th Lelung Rinpoche.

We first meet up with Rinpoche in his garden shed in the back garden of a house in Ruislip, in suburban London, where he stays as a guest of the Dusek family. We hear from his devotee Connie Dusek, and from her children on the Rinpoche, and his impact on their lives throughout the film.

But it is not long before Rinpoche must go to south India for some important work amongst Tibetan monastic students he is supporting in one of the big monasteries there, and for meetings with important masters in the Tibetan tradition. He also travels to Dharamasala where he meets with the then Tibetan Prime Minister in exile, Ven Samdhong Rinpoche.

He is reminded of the importance of the quest for his Lelung teachers and teachings and is advised to go to Mongolia and Tibet to find them, which he subsequently agrees to do. He travels first to Mongolia, and there sees the revival of Buddhism that is taking place. His visa for Tibet is turned down by the Chinese authorities, so at least up to 2011 he still had not visited the old lamas in Tibet who can help him maintain his lineage.


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