Hang Gliding along the Karakoram Highway

Hang Gliding along the Karakoram Highway

And now for something very different… nothing to do with Buddhism or its related cultures, but a wonderful record of three young men from Belgium traveling up country in Pakistan to Gilgit, Booni, Hushi and other remote areas where they hang glide across the top of the world.

The scenery is fantastic and the photography enthralling as we travel with them (from the safety of our own seats) up to 7,000+ metres into the sky and look down at the wonderful mountains and valleys below.

The adventure took place in 2012 and is simply a record of their travels, encounters and most of all their flights through this mountain range, which was indeed part of the mountain range that Zang Xuan crossed on his way to India.

Something a bit different this week, but very enjoyable. You will not forget it.


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to see a set of stills click on the screenshot below


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