Bhikkhuni Order, Path of Spiritual Freedom for Women

Bhikkhuni Order, Path of Spiritual Freedom for Women

This is a short film made by ASEAN Way about the position of bhikkhunīs in Thailand and centres on the work of Bhikkhunī Dhammanandā and her training centre Songdhammakalyani in Nakhon Pathom.

Ven. Dhammanandā has been at the forefront of the bhikkhunī ordination revival in Thailand for over a decade by now, and being a former Professor in Bangkok is very educated and articulate and able to lead the movement.

There are now around 70 bhikkhunīs in Thailand, but they have mainly been ordained in Sri Lanka as the Sangha there is more open to female ordination than in Thailand, which is still very patriarchal.

One interesting thing to note is that the film, despite being openly pro-Bhikkhunī, was made by the National News Bureau of Thailand and sanctioned by the Government Public Relations Department.


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