Ancient Futures, Learning from Ladakh

A look at the impact of the globalised economy and western education on the traditional culture of Ladakh.

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Nepal’s Nightmare, Earthquake 2015

An Australian TV report from Nepal on the April earthquake disaster and the consequences on the ground.

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Lost Civilisations: Ancient Tibet

A documentary from 1995 on the ancient civilisation maintained in Tibet and its overthrow by the communists.

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Spectacular Buddhist India

Extracts from a series of films looking at the various forms of Vajrayana Buddhism which are spread all along the trans-Himalaya regions of northern India

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Vibrations of India

Slideshows made of photographs taken in India by youtube user kartazon.

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Bhutan, the Last Shangri-la

A National Geographic documentary looking at wildlife in the remote Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan.

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Arnaud Desjardins: The Message of the Tibetans 2 – Tantrism

The second of Arnaud Desjardin’s films about Tibetan Buddhism in which he looks more closely at the religious side of the culture, with an examination of the rites and rituals, yogic practices and meditation involved in Tantric Buddhism.

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