Reactor with Michael Stone

Reactor with Michael Stone

A film that follows Michael Stone on his unusual pilgrimage to Japan in 2012.

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Nepal’s Nightmare, Earthquake 2015

An Australian TV report from Nepal on the April earthquake disaster and the consequences on the ground.

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Call of Life (the 6th Mass Extinction)

A film from Species Alliance on the dangers facing the planet by the mass extinction of species life due to pollution, resource exploitation and overpopulation.

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Windscale, Britains Biggest Nuclear Disaster

A remarkable film tracing the people and events that led up to the first real nuclear accident in history.

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Children of the Tsunami

This is a moving film from the BBC following the thoughts and reflections of a group of children affected by the tsunami that hit north-east Japan in 2011.

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The Plow That Broke the Plains

This is a remarkable short documentary made in 1936 about the devastating effects of single-crop farming on the Great Plains of America, once home to millions of buffalo and later of cattle.

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The Genius of Photography 3: Right Time, Right Place

This week’s episode is about the evolution of photojournalism, from its beginnings with the Frenchman, Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the great photographers of the 20th century, up and to the coverage of the aftermath of 9/11.

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Chernobyl Heart

Since the accident at Chernobyl there has been enormous increase in thyroid cancer, congenital birth defects, and double hole in the heart defects, otherwise known as Chernobyl Heart.

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The Battle for Chernobyl

This documentary traces the unfolding of the tragic events at Chernobyl following the accident during an experimental shut down that went wrong in March 1986 and up and till the mid-2000s when the film was made.

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HOME: The Statistics

Here I have collected together some statistics from the film HOME in a sequence which is worthwhile spending some time contemplating.

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