HUMAN, Volume One

A film as unlikely as it is riveting in which people speak about the things that matter to them in their lives.

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Can We do it Ourselves (Economic Democracy)

A thought-provoking documentary about economic democracy, which presents a different view of the workplace and how it could be run.

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Arithmetic, Population and Energy

A lecture on some important issues which illustrate the unsustainable nature of growth, both in population and energy.

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Green Gold: Restoring Degraded Land Resources

An overview of the work being carried out worldwide to restore heavily degraded lands. It is possible and it only takes a few years.

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Seeds of Freedom

A remarkably clear presentation about the history of seed and the role it has played in our societies and how that is all being changed by corporations.

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Louis Malle’s Calcutta (India 1969)

French filmmaker Louis Malle’s film about Calcutta, which records in intimate detail the lives of the people in the city.

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Life and Debt

This film, made in 2001 by Stephanie Black, explores the effect that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has on poor countries by forcing them into globilisation.

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