United Natures

United Natures

This is a very interesting documentary from Australia about new approaches to the ecological problems we are facing at present. It looks at such things as interdependence, earth jurisprudence, permaculture, localisation, indigenous cultures and ancient wisdom traditions, etc.

It contains interviews with some of the leading voices in ecology today, including Vandana Shiva, David Holmgren, Cormac Cullinan, Stephen Harding, Judith Koons, and many more. Each giving their own perspective on various questions, and not always agreeing, so we see different perspectives emerging.

The film is interspersed with sculptures, archival footage, and graphics in such a way as to keep the attention, and break up what might otherwise be too much to take in. A very thoughtful film, well-made and certainly worth your time and effort, even though it is quite long (1hr 40mins).


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