Ring of Fire 4, Dream Wanderers of Borneo

Dream Wanderers of Borneo

This the fourth of the films from the Blair brothers on their travels in Indonesia in the 70s, and this one sees them travel into the very interior of Borneo, which had not been opened up at that time.

There idea was to meet some of the indigenous Dayak tribes which were still living a nomadic in the wildernesses at that time, although most of the tribes had been brought into settled agricultural life.

One interesting thing is that as soon as the guides head off into the jungle they are obviously very much back in their element again, and seem to be much more at home than making money in civilised life.

After many an adventure the brothers do eventually get to meet and live with the nomadic Dayak, gain their trust and spend a few weeks with them, before they themselves return to their home in Bali.


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