Ring of Fire 2, Dance of the Warriors

Ring of Fire 02, Dance of the Warriors

This is the second of a series of films following the Blair brothers on their adventures in Indonesia during the 1970s.

This week, after more than a year in the archipelago they travel to Komodo where the ancient dragons live, and a small group of people, descendants of outcasts have a village.

After a pretty dangerous looking encounter with some of the dragons they leave for Sumba, and a people still in the megalithic age, where they wait for a few months until the auspicious time for a battle takes place.

From there they go to Papua New Guinea and even farther back in development, amongst the still active head hunters on the island, before it appears to be getting too dangerous to stay any further.

Their last stop on this part of the trip is in Bali, which rightly holds a place in everyone’s hearts, and where they eventually build a home for themselves.


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