Art of the Photographer

Michael Yamashita
Michael Yamashita

Michael Yamashita is a world famous National Geographic photographer who has had several major exhibitions around the world, as well as released high quality coffe table books.

In these films (they are rolled into one, but appear to be joined) he first discusses 10 golden rules for photographers:

1) Vision (see the whole subject in the lens)
2) Work the Subject (get the subject involved)
3) Light (know what light does at various times of the day)
4) Composition (the right balance)
5) Impact (getting striking images)
6) Preparation (know what you are looking for and what you are seeing)
7) Storytelling
8) Flexibility
9) Attention to Detail
10 Study Photography (look at other people’s work)

We then have films that are something like case studies in application, as he looks through the photographs in his books Zheng He and Marco Polo, and how he came up with such memorable images.

Along the way he also gives other tips like the Rule of Thirds, Magic Hour and the good advice to be prepared to break all the rules when it is necessary.


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