Amazing Japan

Amazing Japan

This is the second in the series of films published under the rubric of Amazing Places on Our Planet and made by Milosh Kitchovitch. Last week I showed a selection of films from China, and this week the focus is on Japan.

The films are made in high, and super-high definition format, and consist of videos taken at various shrines and temples around the country, with accompanying and appropriately soothing music.

In this week’s selection we start with shrines in Nara, including the famous Todaiji Temple, and move through a much longer film than normal about Kyoto, and finally on to Nikko, so that we cover all periods and styles in Japanese art.

Although there is no narration, and no further information other than the temple and shrine names, it is a still very good just experiencing what it is like to visit these places, and we do get to see some of the real marvels of Buddhist art, architecture and sculpture.


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1 comment to Amazing Japan

  • Harshal Tirpude

    ???? It’s incredible, inspiring to visit this Buddhist temple.
    Inner Peace & tranquility are essence of Buddha teaching!!!
    much metta


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