Words of my Perfect Teacher

Words of my Perfect Teacher

This is a 2003 documentary about Khentsye Norbu Rinpoche, and his interactions with two of this western disciples, Luc Dierkx and Louise Rodd; the film was made by Lesley Ann Patton. It was filmed partly in London and Germany, and partly in Bhutan where he is getting ready to make a film of his own.

We first see Rinpche in London, where he is seen walking the streets, preparing food, going to the cinema, and generally acting like a very normal person, not quite like a great and world renowned teacher; we also see him attending a football match in Germany where he has to cope with football rowdies, again with similar aplomb.

The filmmaker, Luc and Louise then all get an invitation to travel to Bhutan and meet Rinpoche there. Of course, that is a very different side of Rinpoche that they see, as he is caught up in functions, and general monastic duties, and is inhibited from his more casual life in the West.

In between we also have interviews with a Rinpoche who famously renounced his position, Gesar Mukpo, and Stephen Seagal, who was also famously elevated to the position.

There is a teaching in the film, as the makers and students keep reminding us, but it somehow fails to lay its groundwork by failing to show Rinpoche giving more formal teaching, so that those who don’t know about him from elsewhere would have a better insight into the person being filmed.


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  • Bill Walton

    …..a wonderful doc…..didn’t make the connection with “The Cup” until they talked about it during the film….another wonderful film….thanks

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