Wild Sri Lanka: Forests of Clouds

Wild Sri Lanka: Forests of Clouds

The third and final film of the ecology of Sri Lanka goes inland and upland to explore the forests of the highlands and the wildlife that inhabit them.

The forest are home to around 80% of the indigenous species, and there is a reason for that: not only are the forests isolated from forests in other countries, they are often cut off from one another by clearing.

There is huge competition in the abundant forests and this has led to a diversity of life forms found nowhere else on earth, and a richness of life living in the forests.

The film this times looks at the variety of primates found here, the bird life and the amazing adaptations found in the insect and flora as species struggle to survive and prosper.

We are given wonderful access to this world, which would otherwise be in many ways unseen, and to the flora and fauna flourishing therein.


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