Wild Sri Lanka: Coast of Giants

Wild Sri Lanka: Coast of Giants

This is the first of three films from NatGeo Wild I will be showing about the natural life of Sri Lanka, and it concentrates on the oceans and coasts around the island.

Anyone who has lived in Sri Lanka, as I did for 15 years, or even visited it, if only for a few weeks, will be able to tell you the country teems with life.

This abundance starts out in the oceans around the country, and is sometime found in the most unlikely places, like the hulls of shipwrecks, and continues to the shorelines.

The oceans are also home to whales, giant turtles and shoals of fish; and anywhere there is life in such numbers there are also predators: from birds to man.

The films, containing some of the best photography from National Geographic I have seen, is supported by an interesting and informative narrative story.


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to see a set of stills click on the screenshot below


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