Uranium, is it a Country?


A film tracing the origin of uranium, which is used in the production of nuclear energy, focusing on Australia and the largest Uranium mine in the world at Olympic Dam in southern Australia.

The film interviews people from both sides of the argument, but it’s focus is definitely on the environmental damage done with both the production and use of nuclear power.

There is an enormous amount of water used in the production of the uranium, and the tailings (leftovers) from the extraction are highly contaminated and for 1000s of years.

Even though the mining companies contract to care for the waste, no company ever lasted the length of time needed to ensure safety, even if they could do so.

Once extracted the ore is sent all over the world as local deposits are either finished or non-existent, and that also has environmental effects, and entails the transportation of radioactive materials through populated areas.

This film should be seen in conjunction with another I posted earlier, Dumped Nuclear Waste in European Seas, about the disposal of radioactive waste in Europe.


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