The Teachings of Pra Acharn Tippakorn Sukhito

Acharn Tippakorn

Here are three videos by Jörg Dittmar made over a period of about a decade based on the teachings of Pra Acharn Tippakorn Sukhito, the Abbot of Ban Sawang Jai (House of the Enlightended Heart).

The first, about karma, is also the last one that was made, in 2011. In a very meaningful way it unfolds the basic concept of karma (action), and how that shapes the world we live in.

The second film, called The Ultimate Test, is about death and dying, and is based more strictly on a Dhamma talk that Pra Acharn gives to camera, which is also illustrated by the video.

The earliest film in the series, about meditation, was made around 2003, and, in contrast to the first two, is quite low-definition (320x240px).

What is impressive about the films is the way that they have been put together, combining good solid teachings on their various subjects, with engaging visuals and presentation.

One only wishes that more Buddhists would have the skills and dedication shown by Jörg to put together more materials like this, which would properly engage the younger generation, who are used to high quality production values, and to whom a talking head soon grows wearisome.

Also worth noting is the fact that Jörg has made the videos available in a number of languages: English (as here), Thai, Spanish and German. If you need another language please follow up on youtube, and you will find them in the sidebar.


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Ban Sawang Jai


Ban Sawang Jai


Ban Sawang Jai


Ban Sawang Jai


Ban Sawang Jai


Ban Sawang Jai


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  • Seladhamma

    Jörg Dittmar deserves a huge amount of praise for these works. They are engaging and the presentation is beautiful. Most importantly, the teachings are profound but accessible. I vow to cultivate able means to also make Dhamma available to a larger audience.

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