The Monk (Short-Stay Monastic Programme in China)

The Monk

This is a short film about an introductory monastic programme somewhere in China. Details are probably given in the credits, but they are in Chinese script, which I can’t read.

The film follows a group of people as they arrive at a large temple for its introduction to the monk’s and nun’s life and follows them through their initial preparations.

We then see them ordained and the daily work flow at the monastery as they go about their duties from early morning to late in the evening.

A lot of emphasis seems to be put on teaching the martial arts, and on keeping people physically active, though we do also see them undergoing meditation practice.

The film has interviews with some of the new monastics, and captures their reflections on the life, and how their view about life back in the lay world has changed.

The film has subtitles in Chinese script and English, but the latter are not very professionally done.


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  • Hi Bhante Anandajoti
    … Thanks for your Posts giving hints on documentaries over Facebook. It’s very handy and I often watch them. Makes it easier to choose from the many available movies on this site. Although of course I of course also browse on here to watch what is interesting for me and I often discovered a docu with complementary Information. The one about the Korean Tripitaka was very fascination also because of the architectural aspects of the temple where it is kept in. šŸ™‚
    Best regards from Switzerland. Patrick

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