The Kingdom of Lan Xang, Laos (Folkways of Indochina)

The Kingdom of Lan Xang

This is a quick overview of the history of Laos, the only landlocked country in Indochina.

It has a surprisingly long history as some of the jars on the plateau of jars go back 20,000 years. They appear to have been used for burial purposes.

The main segment deals with the Kingdom of Lan Xang in the late middle ages (14th-18th c.), and it is then that the Laos received Buddhism, which is still to this day the main religion.

The capital at that time was the ancient city of Luang Prabhang, which is itself named after one of the main palladiums of the country, the image Phra Bhang.

Later the capital was moved to Vientiane, which also has many splendid royal monastic establishments to its credit.

The documentary is fairly slight, but given the dearth of anything of its sort on the country, it does act as an overview of the history, people and culture of the Laotians.


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