The Challenging Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan

The Challenging Shikoku Pilgrimage

This is a film from NHK about the pilgrimage around 88 temples situated on the circumference of Japan’s 4th largest island of Shikoku.

The pilgrimage when done according to tradition on foot takes around 50 days, and covers nearly 1,200km on the roads round the island.

The pilgrimage is associated with the Japanese monk Kūkai who studied in China, and later set up many of the temples in Shikoku.

In the programme, which is part of the Begin Japanology series, Peter Barakan joins the pilgrimage, which gives his helpers plenty of opportunities to explain its significance as they go along.

There is a very charming episode towards the end when one of the residents, who, like many others, has set up a hostel to help the pilgrims welcomes a 21-year old on his journey.


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