Mandala (Korean Film)

A film from Korea about two very different monks, their relationship, and their quest for awakening.

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Bhutan (Expoza)

A visit to the Thunder Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan to see its culture, customs and temples.

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The Mission to Japan of Ven. Jian Zhen (Ganjin)

The story of the heroic efforts of one Chinese monk to bring a good vinaya lineage and the dharma to Japan during the Tang dynasty.

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Lhasa, Tibet (Expoza)

A guide around Lhasa, the ancient capital of Tibet, to see its main attractions, including many temples and monasteries.

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Bhaktapur, Nepal (Expoza)

A look at the historical site of Bhaktapur in Nepal and its magnificent squares, temples and architecture.

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Laos (Expoza)

A trip from one end of Laos to the other, stopping off and seeing the temples and tribal peoples along the way.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand (Expoza)

A visit to the historical capital of Lanna in NW Thailand, to learn about its cultural heritage, including its temples.

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Bangkok, Thailand (Expoza)

A look at the cultural side of life in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, with special emphasis on its temples.

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Yangon, Myanmar (Expoza)

A look at life in Yangon, Myanmar and the surrounding areas, including some of the wonderful temples in the area.

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Mandalay, Myanmar (Expoza)

A look at the old capital of Myanmar and its surroundings, focusing on the temples and pagodas and traditional crafts.

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