Belief in Kannon

A film by NHK taking a look at the worship of the Bodhisattva Kannon as it is found in Kyoto, Japan.

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Seeds of Hope, A Story of Buddhist Orphanages in Africa

A film looking at the work of a Taiwanese monk in southern Africa, and the orphanages he has set up there (English and Mandarin with subtitles).

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Ajanta Caves

A set of short documentaries looking at the Ajanta Caves in India and their art works in both paintings, sculptures and reliefs.

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The Monk (Short-Stay Monastic Programme in China)

A documentary about a short-stay monastic programme held at a large temple in China (English and Chinese script subtitles).

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The Great Pilgrim Xuanzang

A shortened version of Fo Gaung Shan’s long video biography of the great Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang (Mandarin with English and Mandarin subtitles).

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Longmen Grottoes (World Heritage China)

A look at another of the great cave complexes, representing the finest of classical Chinese statuary, and the part Empress Wu Zetian had in their construction (English with Mandarin subtitles).

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The Zen Mind

This is a beautifully photographed and edited introduction to the many faces of Zen in contemporary Japan.

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Dharma Master Cheng Yen

A portrait of the founder of the Taiwanese Compassion Relief (Tzu Chi) organisation and its founder Dharma Master Cheng Yen (English with Chinese subtitles).

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Buddhist Statues in Kyoto

A look at some of the very best Buddhist statues and paintings from the Kyoto area in Japan, and the role they play in people’s lives.

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Avalokiteshvara (Chinese Movie)

A 2013 movie made in China telling three overlapping stories that lead to the arrival of the world famous statue of Avalokiteshvara at Mount Putuo in Japan.

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