Walking in Circles in Zanskar

A film tracing events in Zanskar some 60 or more years ago, and the impact of modernisation in the present day.

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Akha People of Northern Laos

A look at the challenges faced by the tribal Akha people in Laos, and their various responses to it.

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Economics of Happiness

A documentary on how globalisation is adversely affecting local cultures, together with an alternative approach to economics.

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Can We do it Ourselves (Economic Democracy)

A thought-provoking documentary about economic democracy, which presents a different view of the workplace and how it could be run.

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Call of Life (the 6th Mass Extinction)

A film from Species Alliance on the dangers facing the planet by the mass extinction of species life due to pollution, resource exploitation and overpopulation.

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Vandana Shiva: Growth = Poverty

Vandana Shiva gives a talk on the modern economic model at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

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A short and witty cartoon introduction to some of the issues surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms

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Seeds of Freedom

A remarkably clear presentation about the history of seed and the role it has played in our societies and how that is all being changed by corporations.

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Life and Debt

This film, made in 2001 by Stephanie Black, explores the effect that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has on poor countries by forcing them into globilisation.

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