Children’s Past Lives

A documentary looking at various cases of past life recall amongst children around the world.

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Art of Faith, Buddhism

A journey of discovery through Buddhism via its art works.

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Alms Bowls to Newcastle

A look at Aruna Ratanagiri monastery in Harnham, northern England in the late 80s, under the leadership at that time of Ajahn Pabhākaro.

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Act Normal

A documentary covering the life of the English monk Ven. Dhammanando over a period of about a decade.

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Many Happy Returns (Rebirth Stories)

The story of two children from very different backgrounds who report that they can remember their past lives.

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Chenrezig, Mandala of Compassion (Tibet in Glastonbury)

A short documentary about a visit made by Tibetan monks to Glastonbury, the new-age capital of England.

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Buddha in Suburbia

This is a candid look at the two lives of the Lelung Rinpoche: on the one hand he is one of the most revered of the the reincarnated lamas in the Tibetan tradition, recognised by the Dalai Lama and respected and revered wherever he goes.

On the other hand he is an almost unknown

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The Genius of Photography 2: Documents for Artists

The second documentary in this BBC series examines the various movements that arose in photography in the first half of the 20th century by focusing on some of the representative workers in the field.

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