Walk with the Master, the Story of the Sites of The Buddha

A visit to some of the main centres associated with the Life of the Buddha.

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Rock Cut Caves, a Tribute to Faith

An exploration of rock cut temples and sculptures in India, including their history and development over the centuries.

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The Lost Temple

A film about the recovery of a lost temple from the Tang period and the cultural relics it contained.

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The Amaravati Mahacetiya

A short film looking at the Great Stupa and it’s magnificent artworks, originally built at Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh.

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Bagan in Central Myanmar (Slideshow)

A 20-minute slideshow of photographs taken at the photogenic site of Bagan in Myanmar.

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Secret Towers of the Himalayas

A trip to remote regions of Tibet to enquire into the building of large towers that dot the landscape.

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Luoyang: Longmen Grottoes

A documentary about the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang which represent the peak of Chinese classical Buddhist art.

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Cities associated with Buddha

A series of short films showing the archaeological remains of various cities associated with the Buddha, and their importance in Buddhist history.

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Secrets of Angkor

A film looking at the ongoing work on the archaeology of Angkor and the new light it has brought to our understanding of this great civilisation.

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Saving Mes Aynak

A look at the work of a young Afghani archaeologist at Mes Aynak, one of the most important Buddhist heritage sites in the world, which is under threat of destruction.

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