Seeds of Freedom

Although it is only 30 minutes long this is a remarkably clear presentation about the history of seed and the role it has played in our societies and how that is all being changed now by corporations trying to take over control of food production throughout the world.

Along with reduced diversity, which entails the loss of traditional crops, comes an increased reliance on seed production which is controlled by the few, and has to be bought anew each year as the genetically modified seed doesn’t reproduce itself correctly.

All the GM seeds are also dependent on pesticides and fertilisers for their success, even within the season, but this leads to a further destruction of traditional seed in other fields.

The last section of the film shows how there is hope yet if we can get a return to traditional, non-destructive methods of farming.

The film has been made by Jess Philimore for the Gaia Foundation & African Biodiversity Network, and is is narrated by Jeremy Irons.

It is divided into four sections:

  1. The Evolution of Diversity
  2. The Road to Industry
  3. Controlling Seed
  4. Seeds of Hope

and features some of the world’s leading ecologists. including

  • Dr Vandana Shiva (India)
  • Liz Hoskein (UK)
  • Dr Melaku Worede (Ethiopia)
  • Rakmon Herrera (Mexico)
  • Gathuru Mburu (Kenya)
  • Caroline Lucas (UK)
  • Zac Goldsmith (UK)
  • Henk Hobbelink (Spain)
  • Kumi Naidoo (Netherlands)
  • Mphatheleni Makaulule (South Africa)

and also many traditional farmers throughout the world, speaking about the role that seed has in their lives, and how that is being changed by agri-business.


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Traditional Farmer


Traditional Farmer


Traditional Farmer


Traditional Farmers


Traditional Farmer


Traditional Farmer


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