Many Happy Returns (Rebirth Stories)

Many Happy Returns

This is an old film from 1980 about two children, one in England and the other in India, who have vivid recollections of their previous lives.

For Nicola, she can remember being a young man in her previous life in Victorian England, where she met with a violent death under a train.

For Titu he remembers being shot in a nearby city (Agra), and can point out the shop he owned, and many people and places associated with his previous life.

Neither child seems out of the ordinary, indeed they are just like other children, except for this strange ability to know the past and their role in it.

All over the world, in many different cultures, supportive, sceptical and antagonistic reports emerge of children with past life recall.

These are two of the more fascinating accounts, and one can’t help wondering what happened to Nicola and Titu as they grew older.

[update: the original embed was taken down, now I have only been able to find Titu’s story, so I include that here]


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