Laos Wonderland

Laos Wonderland

This is a film mainly about the unexplored areas of Laos and the wildlife they still contain, along the Mekong river and in the dense forestlands that surround it.

Laos has some of the only true old forest lands in SE Asia, as in nearly every other country these have been exploited and destroyed in the process.

It is therefore one of the few sanctuaries left for the Asian elephant and tiger, and a lot of the film is spent tracking these creatures.

Along the way we also join Akha tribals still living in very remote places, and according to their traditional lifestyles.

The film also looks at the seasonal Buddhist festivals in Luang Prabhang, and shows how these are intimately connected to the landscape in which they are situated.


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1 comment to Laos Wonderland

  • Helena Bauernschmitt

    Beautifully done documentary. I learned a great deal about Laos, its diverse peoples and landscapes, and its wealth of biodiversity. Thank you!

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