Laos (Expoza)


This is from a series of films by Global Television shot all over world, giving well photographed introductions to various places, of which we will be focusing on the ones of interest to Buddhists.

The films are quite light introductions to their subjects, mainly good photography, well chosen soundtracks, and a reasonable, but sometimes inaccurate, narration giving a cultural and historical introduction to its subject.

Today’s film is longer than the others so far shown as it doesn’t cover just one city, but the whole country of Laos, beginning in Vientienne, with visits to some of its wonderful temples and the famous Buddha Park.

The team then travel overland on their way to Luang Prabang, passing through remote villages and countryside, traveling through Vang Bieng and Phonsavang and stopping off at the Valley of the Jars on the way.

In Luang Prabang they visit more temples and see some of the culutral attractions, before starting off on a Mekong Boat Tour, which takes them to even more remote tribes and villages.

There is more emphasis in the video on the tribal peoples and their way of life in this film, but still a lot about the beautiful temples and other religious monuments, and as always we leave the film knowing more than when we started.


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