HH 17 Karmapa – from Youth to Mastery 2

HH 17 Karmapa - from Youth to Mastery 2

This is the second segment of a film about Trinley Thaye Dorje, one of the claimants to the title of 17th Karmapa, and the one approved by the Red Hat Karmapa, otherwise known as the Sharmapa. The first segment was shown here last week.

This film looks at the work the Karmapa has been doing worldwide, travelling extensively throughout India, Europe, Americas and Asia, and giving his teachings, blessings, initiations and empowerments.

Although the film covers around a 10-year period, it is really impressive how many functions the Karmapa has attended, seemingly working tirelessly for the promotion of the Buddhist teachings.

If the film fails in any way, it is that it is a little too repetitious, and would have benefited from giving the Karmapa more time to actually give some teachings, instead of just word-bytes about compassion and helping others.


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