For All Mankind

For All Mankind

For All Mankind is a documentary about the first moon-landings from 1969-1972. In that time 12 men set foot on the moon, and this film has nearly 80 minutes of footage from those trips, including much that was not released at the time.

For All Mankind

Though it looks like one trip and one group talking, in fact it is made up of a collage of shots taken over the 4 trips, live reporting by the men involved, and interviews with the astonauts made later.

For All Mankind

It may seem like a science documentary on first look, but it is actually much more than that. The film, to be sure, is made up of scientific footage of the moon landings, but the important thing is this is what these men saw and what they thought.

The experience of getting (real) distance on Earth and their own place in the universe was quite revelatory for a number of them, and the experience seems to have provided them with some spiritual insight, whereby they could never see themselves or their planet in quite the same way again.


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  • kahchoon

    Dear Bhante

    As you say the real achievement of the moon landings is to provide a spiritual dimension and focus. Very much as an aside, conspiracy theorists like to speculate that the moon landings took place at some NASA base on earth and the photographs were all doctored to look as if the Apollo missions reached the moon.

    With metta

    Kah Choon

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