Children Full of Life


Ed. note: this is a repost of one of my favourite documentaries in a new format with a better stills collection.

Children Full of Life is a moving award-winning documentary from Japan’s NHK which follows the life of a class of 10 year old students through an academic year in which they learn more about the realities of life and especially death and coping with emotions under the inspired guidance of their extraordinary teacher.

This is one of the finest and most memorable documentaries on education I have seen. How would it be if all teachers were as sensitive and honest as Mr. Kanamori? Here is a true teaching, not just passing on information, but showing by example how to live in a better, more open and caring way.

Each day, three children read letters to their classmates, talking honestly about their feelings for each other and events in their lives. The class searches together for ways to understand and cope with troubled relations, unhappiness and loss of loved ones. In the course of the year, the children’s characters develop naturally as they share their experiences, and grow to understand the value of life and of caring for each other’s feelings.


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  • Wonderful to see these children openly sharing experiences, feelings and how their teacher facilitates. Open communication gets harder later — Japanese society is so structured, so formal. No wonder most Japanese treasure their friends from elementary school — often the closest they’ll ever make!

    Can I recommend the superb Japanese movie, Departures (2008?)

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