Cambodia, the Water Kingdom

Cambodia, the Water Kingdom

This is the first of a series of films I will be showing from a series called Wildest Indochina, made by Animal Planet.

In this episode we see how water from the Mekong river dominates the natural landscape of Cambodia, making it one of the richest centres for flora and fauna in Asia.

We see the abundant rains that fall during the rainy season helping to well up the river and produce a lush forest life where many plants and animals flourish.

Amongst the wildlife that is recorded are black bears, leopards, elephants and carrion birds like vultures, with some of the best footage being of the various monkeys that inhabit the forests like the macaques

We also see the inundation of Tonle Sap, SE Asia’s largest inland lake, and the marine and reptile life that live there are also on show, with giant crocodiles and snakes.

There is passing mention of the great kingdom of Angkor which was sustained by its access to water, and we see the relief works that portray, besides other things, the sea life at Bayon.


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