Buddhism and Buddhist Footprints

Buddhist Footprints

These are two very well made and attractive films from India, which in a short span manage to cover a large subject in a clear and educative way.

The first film starts by reviewing in short fashion the life of the Buddha, before looking at the rise of the three main traditions within Buddhism.

It concludes by showing how Buddhism is becoming again very relevant in the land of its birth, and is starting to grow in strength as people rediscover their heritage.

The second in the playlist, begins by expanding on the traditional life of the Buddha, using much of the same material as the fist film, but with a different narration.

The film begins with his birth in Lumbini, and then looks at his time in Sarnath, Rajagrha, Sravasti, Vaishali and Kusinagara, where he passed away.

The film quickly passes over King Asoka and the missions, until we come to the caves at Ajanta, which are reviewed towards the end of the film.

The film style consists of a narration, with photographs of architectural remains, and attractive modern paintings which illustrate the life story, which are continually cross faded.

We also see some of the wonderful paintings and sculptures from Ajanta, about which the same film makers will elaborate in the weeks to come.


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