Beyond the Ring of Fire

Beyond the Ring of Fire

This film is a an epilogue to the four Ring of Fire films I have been showing recently, made some nine years after the others. It had been planned by both the Blair brothers who made the earlier films, but five months before shooting began, Lorne (pictured right) had died following an accident in Bali, and so his brother hosts the film in his memory.

The film sees Lawrence take a group of 30 travellers over some of the terrain the brothers had covered in their really adventurous journeys in the 70s, and also into some new territory. But by now times have changed and it is almost a different world, or set of worlds, that they visit.

They travel first to Irian Jaya, the Indonesian side of New Guinea, and make their way down the easternmost seas of Indonesia until they come to islands off East Timor. These are real adventures again, but this time, they are not hitch-hiking lifts with boogeymen but travelling on a steam boat for the most part.

Along the way we see some of the wonderful undersea worlds off the coast of remote islands, meet villagers in faraway settlements, and have a few reflections on the changing fortune of the peoples we meet. Slighter than the previous films, it is still good to know more of their story.


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